Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LaPush, Washington

La Push is a small community within the Quileute Indian Reservation and is know for whale watching.  We were there for some relaxation with good friends Steve and Teresa.
I must say this area of Washington is most beautiful and different. Come with me and get to know this part of the country just a little bit!

 You can rent these 2 bedroom cabins right on the ocean.
 A puzzle a day....well you know, awesome!
 We had some rain... but the troopers, Jim and Steve, stood guard over the fire! They cooked us great offerings which we enjoyed indoors!

 Jim is always "out on a limb!"

 I was so intrigued by the size of this tree, which washed up on shore who knows when, and still moves in different places that the tide dictates.
 Can  you see Jim?

 Amazing light...

A few pics below of Olympic National Park that caught my eye....

 We had a staring contest!

Thanks for coming with me and I hope it will inspire you to visit our National Parks and find something that will catch your eye and your heart! God bless.

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